Morgan Heritage – “The Return” | New Music

World-famous reggae band Morgan Heritage have re-formed. If you’re thinking “Who?“, it isn’t your fault. They’ve received very little mainstream push in their career despite releasing at least three critically-acclaimed albums, but their fan base is immense in the developing world and they regularly perform to crowds in excess of 10,000 across Africa, South and Central America, the South Pacific and at festivals across Europe.

When I interviewed lead singer Peetah Morgan, he told me they’d recently performed to 50,000 in Suriname. Never knew Suriname knew reggae like that. A friend of mine also informed me of a performance to a sold-out crowd in Gambia’s national stadium. India.Arie fans may recognise Gramps Morgan from “Therapy” off of India’s album Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics.

So, yeah, that’s a bit of perspective for ya.

In true reggae fashion, “The Return” sees the group discussing the ills that have been going on since their hiatus including women selling sex to succeed, difficulty distinguishing between men and women (due to fashion), the increase in overrated music, etc., stating “The truth is an offence, but shall set us free.”

Will we see the “return of roots and culture” they plead for? Doubt it, but you can hear why they aren’t “successful” in Britain and America with that message now, can’t you?