MJG f/ Pastor Troy x Wooh Da Kid – “F**k That” | Music Video


Continuing to promote his latest mixtape – BMG (Bitches, Money, Guns) – southern legend MJG drops the latest video from his promotional set.

Titled “Fuck That”, while MJG’s partner-in-rhyme 8Ball is MIA on this one, DSGB‘s Pastor Troy and Brick Squad‘s Wooh Da Kid get up on the track and give an energetically off-the-wall performance. With some impressive stripper techniques to boot – peep the dancer standing on top of another dancer while she’s suspended on a pole – visually the track follows the life of a hood celebrity during club performances and visits.

As far as the track goes, describing it as aggressive is an understatement. Put it this way, any gym goers looking for some new workout bangers to get their plate game up needn’t look any further.


You can download BMG (Bitches, Money, Guns) here.