Mixtape Download: Charles Hamilton – Sonic The Hamilton 2: HD

Since taking the independent route, Harlem lyricist Charles Hamilton has blessed the scene with enough free goodness to last until a foreseeable album release. His latest venture is his Sonic The Hamilton 2: HD mixtape; made up of fourteen spaced-out tracks.

So warped is this latest freebie that even the track names are something to behold (“<<Cosmiczone Library where he>>” being one example of a song title).

Look past the bizarre names and Hamilton still kicks verses in his own distorted style.

Production on STH2 is borderline genius/insane. Flipping the Slave’s “Missing You” (the sample for Snoop’s “Gin and Juice”) into an alternate, psychedelic parallel version for track 2, Sonic Hamilton’s reverberating tones about a potential squeeze sound like nothing out there.

Add to that some Sonic the Hedgehog influences on tracks 8, 9, and 13 and you’re left with a unique, head-reeling experience; a feeling most mixtapes rarely leave you with.

Ahead of its time or flat out bonkers? That’s left for you to decide!

Sonic The Hamilton 2: HD Tracklist [click to enlarge]:


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