Misha B performs Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” on The X-Factor UK [Video]

In what is pretty much a reversal of my general attitude to music, when it comes to The X-Factor, I’m all about America, UK be damned. Thus, having not watched the show live on TV last night, my first thought when I saw the title of this video was “I beg you, don’t rap on this”. Fortunately, Misha Bryan, who is one of the few genuine heavyweight talents among the remaining pop pretenders on Simon Cowell’s farcical revolving circus, performed a rendition of Whitney Houston‘s classic “I Have Nothing” in the blockbuster movie soundtrack themed X-Factor episode.
It’s not that Misha B is a bad rapper at all, but literally every time I’ve caught The X-Factor UK this year, an ill-judged rap verse seems to have been shoehorned into a song where wholly inappropriate.

As it happens, this is pretty good – the girl can really sing. Very nice job.