Mike G f/ Speak! – “Seasons” | New Music

Mike G of Odd Future pays homage to Houston hip hop legends UGK and DJ Screw on “Seasons”, the first release from his new #MikeGMondays series.

“Seasons”, which features vocals from “Gucci Gucci” writer Speak!, and production from fellow Wolf Gang representative Syd Tha Kyd, might appear to be a Californian product on first glance, but it doesn’t sound like your typical West Coast track. Syd’s sloth-like beat, replete with airy synths, plays like a nod to the H-Town, as do the distorted vocals, and such a purple tinged soundscape provides the perfect opportunity for Mike to utilise that relaxed, stream of consciousness flow of his.

Have a listen below, and look out for Mike’s next #MikeGMondays release when it drops tomorrow.