Miguel f/ Diddy & French Montana – “Adorn” (DJ Ted Smooth Remix) | New Music

I want to argue that it’s blasphemy putting French Montana on Miguel’s “Adorn”, and that it’s tantamount to sacrilege committing this outrage on the altar that is Junior M.A.F.i.A. Biggie’s “Get Money”, but I’m far too busy enjoying his and Puff’s newest take on the RnB mega-smash.

DJ Ted Smooth‘s remix is actually the second Bad Boy take on Miguel’s hit if we’re counting former member Ma$e, who surpassed the other challengers (Busta’s wordy crew and Amber’s adornment) by virtue of barely rapping at all.

How long was it going to be until Puff had a go?

Here, the former remix king and Ted Smooth have welded together an incredibly smooth (for want of a better word) rework. Not only have they brought out the RnB singer’s ’90s sensibilities, they’ve also managed to pull Montana (a very ’00s rapper) into their world, ironing out the new Bad Boy’s inadequacies and making it sound like he belonged here all along.

Whilst we shouldn’t indulge Diddy’s ego, tracks like this remind us why we once liked that ego. Yes he talks on the track, as he tends to do, but I’m still rewinding.

Listen for yourself below, courtesy of Complex:

Watch the video for Miguel’s original “Adorn” here.