Method Man talks ‘Crystal Meth,’ ‘Blackout 3’ and ‘How High’ sequel [Video]

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Method Man on the musical front, so AllHipHop caught up with the legendary Wu-Tang Clansman and got him to open up about his upcoming projects including the third installment of he and Redman‘s Blackout series and his long-awaited fifth solo album Crystal Meth, which he says will be produced entirely by The RZA.

“Lookin’ forward to gettin’ back in the studio with the kid,” Mef said about reconnecting with the Wu Abbott. RZA only produced a handful of songs on Mef’s last album, 2006’s very underrated 4:21… The Day After, but Mef says he’s not worried about rekindling the chemistry the two shared last time they did an entire project together — on his classic 1994 debut Tical. “We just came off a Wu tour and the camaraderie was still there so I know the chemistry is gonna be there when we go in the studio.”

He also reveals that even though he and his blunt brother Redman are both working on solo projects, they’re still working on Blackout! 3. He’s also confident that the third installment will be on par with the last one, which Mef feels was one of the best albums of 2010.

“I’ll put that shit up against any album that came out that year. Honestly,” he says.

Mef also commented on he and Red’s other classic collaboration, the stoner flick How High, whose sequel has been much-discussed over the years but has yet to actually materialize.

“The script that was written wasn’t up to snuff,” he explains. “It was pretty good but it wasn’t up to snuff and we don’t wanna put out anything wack.”

Check out Mef’s full interview below.

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