GOD: Piéce de Résistance
Following the releases of GOD: LoFi and GOD: HiFi, and the announcement of the final part of the EP series GOD: WiFi, MeLo-X took to his Tumblr to not only give his fast growing fanbase an insight into the meaning of his GOD series, but alro unveil the name and release date for his first official studio album.
The Flatbush, Brooklyn repping rapper, producer and visual artist is set to release his debut album GOD: Piéce de Résistance on November 5th (fans of V For Vendetta will be aware of the relevance of that date) and it’s set to be the best work we have heard thus far from the critically acclaimed artist.

“My EPs are building up to my album.. its a full story of an Indie artist doing it on their own and traveling the world
the titles and some of the music included on the EPs tell this story
each EP starts with “GOD:”… i believe our life is written out like books in the cosmos.. like chapters, pages, and editions in the universe
so the titles are based off of that idea… like “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”.. the first EP is “GOD: LoFi”
LoFi is a metaphor for “Underground”, “Under Rated”, “Under the radar”. terms that many, genre pushing & creative artist C while on the rise
the 2nd EP is GOD: HiFi . after you’ve put in your work on a under ground level u eventually reach ur high point. where your name is bubbling
your known locally, your music begins to have a focus and a feel, a vibe. your on a creative High you’ve found your sound and style
You continue to rise & then you reach GOD: WiFi. now your globally recognized for your work. your music connects 2 the world through the internet
these EPs GOD: LoFi, HiFi, and WiFi are all set in place 2 build the story & help U follow the journey from my start 2 my 1st official album.
GOD: Piéce de Résistance dropping November 5th 2013. be ready 4 my greatest piece of work thus far.. remember, remember the 5th of November” – MeLo-X