MeLo-X + Cheri Coke – X/Coke EP | Stream & Download

Something beautifully addictive to wrap your ears around this morning. Brooklyn hailing emcee, producer and DJ MeLo- X and Ohio born singer Cheri Coke unleash their collaborative X/COKE EP. The experimental and highly evolved project serves as a great musical gumbo which is a treat for new and old fans to tuck into.

Cheri Coke and MeLo-X presents the brain child of late night sessions at the Bermuda home studio in Brooklyn. The X/COKE EP, which is a play on the two artists names, is a exploration into a new plateau for Cheri and MeLo respectively. From bass knocking rhythms to spaced out echos that travel around the proverbial sound scape this project is a natural high for all who listen.

1. The Garden of Eden
2. The Interlude
3. Lite Years
4. Honorable Mentions (Impromtu)
6. Ryder (IJS) – Ft. MeLo-X
7. SOUR TIMES (Portishead Cover)

Download HERE.