MellowHype – ‘Numbers’ | Cover Art

With a little over a month ’til its release, MelloHype, the Odd Future sub-group comprised of MC Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain, unveil the artwork for their upcoming album, Numbers (out October 2nd). In similar vein to their previous effort, 2011’s BlackenedWhite, the cover bares an upside down cross, which will no doubt stir yet more claims of “satanism” towards the West Coast rap group – to much hilarity.

As previously-announced, Hodgy and Left Brain are also expected to put out a free mixtape on September 11th, as a prelude of sorts to the official LP. Stay tuned for more details on both projects coming soon. We all know those Odd Future lot favour Tumblr posts over press releases, so you might want to add to your bookmarks.