Mellowhype – “Grill” | New Music

New music from Mellowhype, probably the last offering from their sophomore full-length Numbers, before it drops on October 9th.

Hodgy and Left Brain’s progress over the last two or three years has been nothing less than remarkable. The duo can do everything from young and playful to lonely introspection to Wolf Gang macabre, and they always make it interesting.

Their new track “Grill” has an underlying threat to it but that menace is shuffled into a cacophony of different sounds. Whilst there’s a sad tinge to the synths, they’re inconsistent with the thuddering bass and rapid snare rolls, which are more a call to arms. The chorus is its own animal entire. As they chant a spelled-out “Mellowhype” and follow up with the cold and detached “get your mon-ey”, you can’t help but feel you’re being taunted.

Stream “Grill” below: