Mellowhype f/ Frank Ocean – “Astro” | New Music

New music from Odd Future in the form of the bizarre and brilliant “Astro”.

The most eagerly anticipated track from Mellowhype’s album Numbers, sees the duo link up with Frank Ocean for a jubilant, boasting cut. Whilst they’ve worked as a three before (on “Hell”, from 2010’s BlackenedWhite), this particular track seems to mark an interesting point in the Wolf Gang narrative.

2012 has been the year in which Odd Future have gone from being a noisy counter-cultural phenomenon to a youth movement at the very heart of hip hop culture. Frank Ocean, who has become a star in his own right, and whose incredible revelation became such a massive moment for hip hop and RnB, has in many ways been the vehicle for this rise. Whilst his pals within the collective haven’t always had the greatest track record when it comes to attitudes towards homosexuality, this track is a celebration of their success which is happy to let a fearlessly flamboyant Ocean take centre stage.

“Astro” has everything Odd Future fans could possibly want. Left Brain‘s jarring, menacing beat is a high-pitched shout out to the collective’s menacing nature, whilst Hodgy’s bars show that the group has always had rappers who can actually rap. The chorus however, is the undisputed highlight. It’s through the hook that Ocean speaks to both the juvenile instincts of Odd Future and to the musical talents which have made them simply unavoidable in mainstream hip hop culture. (It also sees the song morph into a piano-driven Nostalgia, Ultra song for forty seconds, but that’s a whole different story). When he sings “‘I’ma wear the yellow tux at The Grammys and rock out with my cock out” he reminds us that whilst he’s always produced sonically-brilliant RnB, part of the reason we like him is because his music has an edge to it. It’s an unpredictable, enigmatic quality that Earl, Hodgy, Tyler and co also possess, and should hang on to. This group of youngsters has always prided itself on its ability to shake things up.

The final line “You blink, and Wolf Gang’s in this bitch” is an announcement. Not only have Odd Future enjoyed a rapid rise; they intend to stay too.

Have a listen for yourself below: