Melanie Fiona on The MF Life: “People are really gonna get a better understanding of me on this album”

Canadian singer/songwriter Melanie Fiona sits down with Rap Up TV for a chat about her sophomore album, The MF Life, and how it compares to her 2009 debut The Bridge, people trying too hard to stand out in pop music, the importance of genuine individuality and her admiration for Lady Gaga as an artist, vocalist and performer,

“I think my first album [The Bridge] was more reflective of where I was coming from and paying homage to what inspired me, and this album is definitely a little more individual to who I am and who I’ve become and who I’ve grown into,” she says of her latest work, The MF Life.

“I’ve done a lot of writing on this album, I’ve pushed myself creatively to go in places, to become a little more vulnerable, to show a sexier side, to use my voice as a different instrument on this album. It’s exciting and I think the stories on this album are awesome. I think lyrically, poetically, people are really gonna get a better understanding of me on this album.”

Commenting on shock factor antics in pop music she says, “In fashion, in racy lyrics, in your style or whatever your ‘thing’ is, I feel like people are just trying to outdo each other on this outrageous scale of colour and things that are happ… I feel like, just be creative.”

Melanie adds, “Someone who I really admire in this industry is Lady Gaga. Because Lady Gaga has been Lady Gaga for ever… When you’re the real deal, you are who you are… You could take off all the crazy wardrobe that she has and she’s still an artist and a performer.”

“I would encourage female artists especially to find yourself, find your individuality, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, don’t try to outdo whatever whoever’s on the top of the charts is doing.. Just be yourself and I feel like people will appreciate your individuality more,” she says. “And that’s just how I feel about myself and the route I’m taking with my own career.”

Photo by Neil Raja for SoulCulture.

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