Meek Mill f/ Nas, John Legend + Rick Ross – “Maybach Curtains” | New Music

The latest track from Meek Mill‘s upcoming album Dreams & Nightmares has just dropped and, after his first single “Young & Gettin’ It”  failed to register, it seems a wise choice for Philly’s brightest talent to drop a track with three of the industry’s commercial giants.

On a first listen, “Maybach Curtains” is a triumph all round. Although it doesn’t really come across as a Meek Mill track, the protagonist’s verse impresses because it shows he can slow his flow down a bit without losing any of his power, and this could be an important step for Mill. In terms of lyrics he’s great- but Nas is better (as you might expect). The Queensbridge legend carries on the themes from Life is Good with customary gravitas, rapping “I’m like an old blues singer/ living in the bottle/ whose wife left him down in the bottom/ writing songs is how we solvin’ the problem/ my liquid money’s a hypnotist to your missus/ laid back like I’m in the chair of a dentist“.

Nas is a hard act to follow when he’s Ethering and feeling sorry for himself in the same verse, but the trademark Ricky Ross appearance is actually a pretty strong showing. It’s further proof that the Bawse’s voice sounds great over a slow beat and soft keys. And whilst on the topic of great voices- how about this hook from John Legend? Such a “we made it” themed chorus would sound derivative from a hundred other RnB or soul singers, but rendered as beautifully as this, it helps give Meek Mill one hell of a track.

Listen for yourself below:

Dreams & Nightmares drops October 30th. Pre-order it here.