Maxine Ashley f. Pharrell + Lil Wayne – ‘Hot Thing’ | New Music

Maxine Ashley first channeled her soothing vocal chords to a mass audience on The Cool Kids‘ “Summer Jam” (on which you probably couldn’t believe she was only 19, right?). Under the guise of her mentor Pharrell, having been signed to Interscope/Star Trak, her career looks to be aligned on exactly the right path as she steals her boss and noneother than Lil Wayne (who I’m guessing owed P a favour) for her solo cut “Hot Thing”.

Swapping the salsa vibes on “Summer Jam” for a lean, mean approach on “Hot Thing”, Ms. Ashley adopts both singing and emceeing – or at least a well-balanced blend of both – to flex a confidence that any person alive with both Pharrell and Weezy on their track would. Picture the middle ground between Rihanna and Kid Sister and you’ll see this songstress occupying turf.

With an album in the works, it’s a safe bet that Maxine Ashley is a name you’ll be hearing among some elite circles in the near future. Her Facebook and Twitter pages aren’t a bad place to get familiar.

Listen: Maxine Ashley f. Pharrell + Lil Wayne – ‘Hot Thing’