Mateo – “After Dark” | New Music

Mateo - We've Met Before

Following “How Good Is Your Love,” the raunchy first single from his upcoming EP We’ve Met Before, Interscope singer-songwriter Mateo tames it down a little with the more romantic ballad, “After Dark.”

This soulful track showcases the Cincinnati, Ohio native’s solid tenor voice over nostalgic ’80s synths, giving the song a dramatic, heartfelt ambiance that pairs beautifully with the message of the song, which is about his readiness to commit and be by his lover’s side for the long haul. Reminiscent of R&B ballad kings of the past, here Mateo takes the classy approach with tasteful lyrics, unlike much of today’s explicit output.

Listen to the atmospheric ballad below and stay tuned for his EP, We’ve Met Before, on August 13th.