Mario – ‘Too Sexy’ | New Music

R&B smoothie Mario has leaked another club hit — an unfortunate situation perhaps? Or maybe the numerous leaks are planned subliminals to fans just to let them know that he is returning. Either way, excitement cannot be contained as his latest offering “Too Sexy” is said to be erupting dancefloors all over the USA.

The song, produced by RCA’s very own Young Yonny, surprisingly samples UK’s Right Said Fred‘s pop classic “I’m Too Sexy” and is a catchy declaration to those “chicks” that still look attractive without the designer labels and material gimmicks.

Cliché? Yes. Will it be a good comeback track for him? Maybe. This track does have the potential to regenerate buzz and attention from DJs and radio stations. It has been a while since Mario’s last portfolio of hits — 2009’s D.N.A — blessed our earlobes.

“Too Sexy” is rumoured to be taken off his forthcoming mixtape Truth Be Told which is set to be released later this year.