Mariah Carey x Miguel perform “#Beautiful” for GMA Summer Concert Series | TV Catch-Up


Despite the various other headlines that have followed on from Mariah Carey‘s live performance at the Good Morning America concert this week, her wardrobe malfunction incident being one example, the 43 year-old singer proved that she still had it as she let out those legendary high notes during her duet with 2013 Grammy Award winning artist, Miguel.

During her set on stage, the pair came together to perform their collaborative track entitled “#Beautiful” for the crowd. The track is the lead single off of Mariah’s forthcoming studio album. Incase the hashtag had been causing you some confusion, Miguel has explained the meaning to MTV News (and no, it’s not Twitter related. Surprisingly)

“The hashtag in the title of this song is particularly fitting because the word that comes before ‘beautiful’ when I sing the chorus is an expletive that I can’t say on air.” He said.  “But the hashtag is particularly fitting for that expletive, if you just kind of pay a little bit of attention.”