Maejor Ali discusses name change, leaving Sony + future projects with The Breakfast Club [Video]


True to his word, Maejor Ali (formerly Bei Maejor) headed up to The Breakfast Club radio show to explain in full his new name change, as well as discuss his future projects and what he has in store for us.

Starting off the interview in a slightly eccentric manner, Maejor came through with two ladies dressed as secret service and said that he’d only speak through the women, and not directly to the hosts. Realising that this could take a while, that plan was quickly scrapped as he went on to explain that the reason he will be known as Maejor Ali from now on is in honour of his idol Muhammad Ali.

“It’s an ode to the great Muhammad Ali,” he explains. “It’s an ode to his greatness. I wanna do great things. I think a lot of times people wait ’til people die to show them respect. I just wanted to show respect. That’s my favourite person.”

But that’s not the only change to his life. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer also announced that he had parted ways from his record label recently.

“I got off the label,” he announces. “I was signed to Sony and I had a lot of ideas about music I wanted to make and things I wanted to do and they had their own ideas. That became a conflict so we parted ways. I got off the label and so I’m back and I’ve got this song [Lolly].”

Watch the interview below to hear some more about Maejor’s plans, including his opinions on Justin Bieber possiby being bigger than Michael Jackson. Yes, he said that.