Macklemore talks typewriters & writing process [Jabari Presents Bonus Footage]

Towards the end of last month we brought you Jabari Presents: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, a video documentary which told the story of how two the young men from Seattle pulled off The Heist, one of the best-selling independent hip hop albums in recent times. That video documentary, which you can watch and read about here, now has some 76,000 views and as a special treat to fans, Jabari has released three minutes of bonus footage that didn’t make the original 15-minute documentary.

In the video below Macklemore explains his song-writing process, showing Jabari the old-school typewriter he uses and handing him some of the original products of his hard-work. In many ways the short clip is as enlightening as the longer video. Explaining why he uses the seemingly defunct piece of technology, Macklemore says: “You can’t cross this out, you can’t delete this, you can’t spell-check this, this is it. It’s almost like a piece of art” [he means this literally] “…the way that I space it and the things that get said that weren’t meant to be said, that shit looks super-fresh.”

He clearly sees the typewriter as an ancient and therapeutic way of writing, and he compares it to the Polaroid, saying “You can’t edit it or take it back to the photo-shop, it’s there… it’s there for a reason”.

I’m half-tempted to go out and get one for myself now. Watch the bonus clip below: