M.I.A. – ” Doobie” (Prod. Danja) | New Music

m.i.a. doobie
Producer Danja continues his “Throwback Track Thursday” with a previously unheard banger from singer/rapper/activist M.I.A..
Danja explains the history of the unheard “Doobie” whilst driving in his car, so have patience through the whooshing sounds of the wind flying by – or skip to 2:34 mark to go straight into the song.

The track, recorded around the same time as the Grammy-nominated “Bad Girls”, features a similar tempo but with more fierce drums, which Danja sounds particularly proud of, and looping synths. Maya is as animated and high-energy as usual but the lyrical content isn’t on par with “Bad Girls”. No word on whether this will see an official release or not.

Have a listen (and a watch) below.