Lyfe Jennings Talks To Essence About New Single “Spotlight” [Video]

Ohio-born R&B singer/songwriter Lyfe Jennings talks briefly to Essence about his new single “Spotlight” from his forthcoming album, “I Still Believe”.

Produced by T-Minus [who was also behind Jennings’ previous single, “Statistics”], the song is about being with the girl everybody wants to be with;

”We in the club, l’m with my girl and I’m just celebrating, like, ‘So this is what it feels to be in the spotlight,'” he says. “She that light and she shining on you. She that spot light. Everybody’s at her, everybody love her, she’s hot…”

His single “Spotlight” is out now and Lyfe Jennings’ new album, I Still Believe, is due for release on August 31 via Asylum/Warner Bros. [Click to pre-order]