Lupe Fiasco tells KUBE 93: “I can’t not tell the truth” [Video]

Just before heading to Australia for his headline gig at the Big Day Out Festival, Lupe Fiasco stopped by KUBE 93 radio in Seattle for an interview with DJs Hyphen and J. Moore. During their Sunday Night Sound Session conversation, Lupe speaks on the release of his “third, critically acclaimed before it even came out” album Lasers – due on March 8th.

When asked how he has developed such a “rabid” fanbase who passionately react to the motivational messages in his lyrics, he responds; “I don’t know, and to give it context on the other side of it you got people who are just as affected by a Rick Ross record, just in a different way, in a different capacity, in a different direction…”

He adds, “For me, I chose to put out positive music. I chose to put out music that was uplifting, music that was informative, music that was dropping knowledge… and I think people gravitate towards that.”

Among other subjects, they also discuss his portrayal in the media, dealing with public criticism, removing Twitter from his phone, and being misinterpreted in interviews; “I can’t not tell the truth. I gotta tell the truth whether it’s politically correct or politically incorrect,” he says.

“I’m a regular person, so if somebody does something to me… I’m gonna respond to it. I feel as though we were on a bus together and you muffed me in the face… We’re a global community. If somebody sends a shot that is beyond… from places like MTV or people that have a certain standing in a community or a Hip Hop Blog it’s like, ‘I know you – I was just at your station last week; how come you didn’t say that last week?’

…But at the end of the day, I don’t take it that serious.”

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