Lupe Fiasco Says Lasers Is “More Of A Pop Album”

Lupe Fiasco spoke to AOL’s The BoomBox about his forthcoming album, Lasers. The much anticipated record is due for release on 8th March 2011. The rapper talked about the sound on the forthcoming album, describing it in a way that many Lupe fans will find surprising.

“It’s way more of a pop album, to be honest, for various reasons and various forces within the industry and what have you,” he says, describing it sonically.

However, the context and themes seem more important to Fiasco than how the album is categorised:

“[Lasers] came with all this baggage, a lot of social baggage. We opened up the album with a manifesto. When I say we opened up the album before we even recorded one song, we wrote a manifesto. We came up with the things we wanted to see changed in the world and that kinda took a life of its own. For me, that was the point of [this] album.”

“It’s less about the music and more about actually coming out and really having a strong social statement that you could feel, like back in the ’60s or ’70s when Bob Dylan made a song, it was a movement. To see [Lasers] become this whole thing in and of itself, and become bigger than itself and bigger than the music, differs radically from my first two records.”

Lupe also spoke about Fiasco Friday, when fans gathered outside of Altantic Records’ New York City offices; the event which fell on October 15th was due to be a protest against the stalling around the release of Lasers, but in turn became a celebration when Altantic announced a release date for the album just a week before.

“They said that they were sick of hearing a certain quality of music on the radio,” Lupe told The BoomBox, explaining that the march was about more than Lupe and Lasers. “That had nothing to do with me. They were fed up with the way corporations were treating people and treating their customers. Even though I have the same beliefs, it wasn’t just about me.”

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