Lupe Fiasco freestyles over “Exhibit C” + discusses Food & Liquor 2 details [Video]

Someone must have been praying in Portland, because the higher powers delivered them one hell of a Lupe Fiasco show recently. Not only answering calls (all our calls, in fact) for a freestyle over fellow-lyrical expert Jay Electronica‘s “Exhibit C”, but the Chi-Town rapper also revealed some juicy details on his forthcoming album, Food & Liquor 2 at his set in the Oregon city.

In the first video, watch as Lupe covers the modern classic “Exhibit C”. It may come in terrible video quality, but you can still catch a number of hot lines from the emcee that warranted plenty of “oohs” from the crowd.

Beneath that, Mr. Fiasco makes his special announcements to the crowd. Revealing that he will release no more mixtapes (the dubstep-infused Friend of the People being his last free release), he adds that Food & Liquor 2 is complete and is due for a tentative release in July.

“The only thing that’s holding [Food & Liquor 2] up is whether or not it’s going to be a double CD or not,” he added, much to the warmth from the crowd.

Let’s hope those well-documented label troubles with his previous release Lasers don’t interfere with the forthcoming album.