Lupe Fiasco explains the reasoning, motivation behind ‘Bitch Bad’ single [Video]

Before announcing that he’s pondering a full departure from the music business, Lupe Fiasco teamed with Rap Genius to record a series of videos breaking down the meanings of and motivations behind the tracks on his forthcoming album Food & Liquor 2. The first installment tackles the controversial “Bitch Bad,” and Lupe gives us full details on everything the song is — and is not — meant to be.

“‘Bitch Bad’ is not a lesson. … It’s not an attempt for me to school you on what I think a ‘bad bitch’ is or to give a proper definition,” he begins. “This is an exercise so that we can have a conversation and points of view about what a ‘bad bitch’ is. This isn’t the definitive portrayal of a ‘bad bitch.'”

He goes on to acknowledge the broad and varied definitions of the term, and points out how at least one of those definitions is very far removed from the initial, Hip-Hop connotation of the word “bitch.”

“Women have taken on the title as a sign of their aggressiveness, as a sign of their maturation or graduation to a higher social strata,” he postulates. “The ‘bitch,’ historically, in Hip-Hop has been a bad thing. It’s not been something to aspire to, in that sense. It was derogatory term. … What a confounding duality to have.

“The point of the song is not to solve it, but to address it,” he continues. “To further the conversation and to deepen it, widen it. To expose some of the hypocrisy behind it.”

Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, Part 1 drops September 25.