Lucille Ghatti – ‘Amori Infiniti’ [Mixtape] | Stream + Free Download

Lucille Ghatti isn’t the average neo-soul singer. Her birth in Detroit and childhood spent in San Diego and Oakland led Lueghatti to live a trill lifestyle. Lucille currently resides in Orlando but her upbringing enabled her to mix the elements of classic neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop with a touch of this generation’s trill madness.

Check out her latest project Amori Infiniti, featuring production from Chicago-born, Montclair, NJ-bred Thelonious Martin, Hassani Kwess, DeeZoe and a few others.

Stream the album below, then download the project and let the Romantic Savage’s eclectic sound leave you in a state of nostalgia as she sings of love, lust, and life.

01. Goodnight Lucy (Intro) (Feat. Lover Boy Solo)
02. Twitter Love (Feat. Slick Will) (Prod By. Hassani Kwess)
03. Behind the Moonbeam (Prod. By DeeZoe)
04. Stay With Me (Prod. By Thelonius Martin)
05. KMIYP (Keep Me In Your Prayers) (Prod. By AJisReal)
06. Starz Interlide (Prod. By Toldious P.)
07. Climax (Prod. By J. Dilla)
08. I Can’t Call It (Remix) (Feat. YV & Miss P.) (Prod. By DeeZoe)
09. All That Jazz (Prod. By Buscrates)
10. Faithfully (Faith Evans Cover)
11. Infinite Love (Prod. By KVZE)
Bonus: Slow (Prod. By Lyle Horowitz & Midpoint)
Bonus: Feed Off Your Love

ALT. DOWNLOAD LINK: Lucille Ghatti – Amori Infiniti