LRG presents: Life Colors Fall 2012 | Style

Orange County, California-based Lifted Research Group — commonly known as LRG — has decided to release a video showcasing the upcoming Fall 2012 collection of their Life Colors line.

LRG describes Life Colors as the things that “allow creative individuals to see past boundaries. Existing in everyone with aspirations for more than just average, the strength of seeing in color leads to diversity. Capable of inspiring people from the world of music, action sports and art, these are the individuals whose dreams are visual realities.”

In recognition of the various influences from which the Life Colors campaign is composed, a handful of sporting and media personalities (Waka Flocka, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, et al) can be seen exhibiting the ways in which the collection fits naturally into their respective domains. Taking an unconventional step away from the runway, pieces of the collection are seen modelled on mountainsides, in mid-air, on skateboards, in recording studios and on stages.

This fall’s LRG collection is a celebration of these Life Colors.

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