Lowkey – “Soundtrack To The Struggle” | Album Tracklist

Earlier this week British Hip Hop artist and activist Lowkey took to his Facebook page to announce the official tracklist for his highly anticipated LP, Soundtrack To The Struggle.

The talented emcee’s forthcoming opus will be a strong twenty track set that will feature guest appearances from the likes of Klashnekoff (on “Blood, Sweat and Tears”), Crazy Haze, Immortal Technique, Mai Khalil, longtime collaborator and People’s Army Capo Logic and collaborations with M1 (of Dead Prez) and Black The Ripper on the controversial “Obama Nation Part II” [See full tracklist below].

Thus far the LP’s production credits and official album artwork have not been released to the public…

Soundtrack To The Struggle (Tracklisting)

1. Soundtrack To The Struggle
2. Too Much
3. Voices Of The Voiceless (ft Immortal Technique)
4. Hand On Your Gun
5. Terrorist?
6. Something Wonderful
7. Obama Nation
8. Cradle of Civilisation (ft Mai Khalil)
9. Blood, Sweat and Tears (ft Klashnekoff)
10. Long Live Palestine
11. Everything I Am
12. My Soul
13. We Will Rise
14. Butterfly Effect
15. Obama Nation Part 2 (ft M1 of Dead Prez, Black The Ripper)
16. Osama Nation
17. Haunted (ft Mai Khalil)
18. 2 Letters (ft Logic)
19. Terrorist Part 2 (ft Crazy Haze, Mai Khalil)
20. Million Man March (ft Mai Khalil)

[via Lowkey]