Los – ‘Wit My Hoodie On’ | New Music

In the wake of the tragic passing of 17-year-old, unarmed, hoodie-adorned Trayvon Martin on February 26th, there has been an influx of national and international attention, with many, including President Barack Obama, making public statements on the allegedly racially-motivated murder.

The Hip-Hop community has paid much respect to Trayvon’s passing, with many, including Frank Ocean and Ludacris, posting photos of themselves in hoodies. The latest tribute comes in the form of Bad Boy rapper Los‘s “Wit My Hoodie On.”

The track sees Los spitting some deep, honest bars that are guaranteed to draw even more attention to an issue that undeniably needs to be addressed. “I ain’t getting my up-to-no-good on, they just wanna kill me ‘cuz I put my hood on.”

“I ride [with my hoodie on], I hustle [with my hoodie on], damn right I represent the struggle.”