Lloyd Banks x Prodigy perform ‘1, 2, 3 Grind’ live in NYC [Video]

Current G-Unit soldier (we think) Lloyd Banks and former G-Unit soldier Prodigy linked on their home turf of NYC for a live performance of “1, 2, 3 Grind,” the opening track from Banko’s latest mixtape, Cold Corner 2.

No disrespect to Banko or P, but this might be the most un-excited crowd I’ve ever seen at a rap concert. Of course you had those who couldn’t get into the show because they were too busy recording it, but even those who weren’t didn’t seem too enthused about what was happening onstage. Even the dude standing next to the DJ booth looked bored.

Of course, this is New York and the crowd was probably full of gangstas. Just ’cause all of their heads weren’t nodding doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t into it. They’re just too cool for all that shit.

Still, it’s a shame ’cause this a dope record featuring two of The Rotten Apple’s most revered MCs. The crowd should’ve been LIVE.

Take a look below.