After months of tireless grafting, the exciting 18 year London raised rapper Little Simz drops her third mixtape XY.Zed.

With a flow, delivery and content that veterans in the game would kill to possess, Simz’s solid 10 track project is spread across a distinct range of soundbeds, from highjacking Kendrick Lamar‘s “Cartoons and Cereal” to sampling the timeless Bob James “Nautilus” composition which has been sampled by many of rap’s greats, without missing a step. Stream and download the full thing below.

Tracklist: Little Simz – XY​.​Zed [Mixtape]
1. Breakfast 01:32
2. Diamond 02:30
3. Our Generation Rich 03:20
4. Marilyn Monroe (Ft. Chucks & Remus) 04:32
5. Interludes Of Life (Ft. Josh Arcé) 03:36
6. P.B.G (Pretty Boy Gangsta) 03:16
7. Hello To Forever 03:25
8. We Did It Again 03:20
9. Cartoon & Cereal 06:19
10. Leave It As That

Listen To: Little Simz – XY​.​Zed [Mixtape]

Download: Little Simz – XY​.​Zed [Mixtape]