Listen To Nikko Gray’s Sublime New Album, LOVE SEEN

SoulCulture have been digging Nikko Gray since her inspired feature on Aaliyah Revisited last summer with “ESP (4 Page Suite” – her interpretation of Aaliyah’s “4 Page Letter” and One In A Million,” crafted by AFTA-1. Nine months later the enchanting Los Angeles based vocalist and songwriter is back with a sublime new album, LOVE SEEN.

Impeccably crafted and recorded in less than a year, Nikko describes her latest eight-track LOVE SEEN as, “a collection of songs I’d written during a short relationship I experienced a little over a year ago.”

She expands, “To me, the album tells a bit of a story. I found these songs coming through me during the creative process and I just let them all be. I was aware that the relationship would not go much further but I was able to process everything through writing and witness the reality of the situation. Hence, the title; I felt it, I saw it, I wrote it down and now you can see it.”

A perfect summer soundtrack for mellow nights, long hugs and slow kisses – every iPod needs this:


1. Eyelash Wishes .
2. Rollercoaster .
3. Love Shield .
4. Nail Polish .
5. Push .
6. Angel > Demons .
7. Love Scene .
8. HELLO .

Executive Producers: Nevin J Thomas & Nikko Gray.
All songs written, arranged and performed by Nikko Gray.

If you feel it, LOVE SEEN is available digitally at and via

Each song on LOVE SEEN was produced by Nevin J Thomas. “Angel >Demons,” co-produced by AFTA-1, was featured on the “Seasons Within” promo video for Gas’d: