Lil Wayne talks skateboarding + new alliances on Hip-Hop POV | Music News

Last week we brought you part one of Lil’ Wayne’s interview with Amanda Seales for MTV’s new talk show Hip-Hop POV, and now here’s a sneak peek at part two.

Wayne previously discussed working on a new album called Devol — a collection of his own version of love songs — and now he explains his love for the skate world. Wayne’s love of skateboarding has been known for quite some time now, as the rapper has even come out with a rock album as well as his own skating-inspired clothing line, Trukfit.

When Seales asks how skating has influenced his music, Wayne puts it down to a couple simple things: “Attitude. Attitude and alliances.” For anyone who thought the skating was nothing more than bravado or just for show, the rapper’s further explanations might make you think otherwise.

“I’ve become friends with the most funnest and coolest people,” he explains, talking about the kids he hangs out with at the many skate parks he visits. “Not for nothing I love my rap friends — I would pop a bottle with you guys any day — that’s the thing we do, rappers. But these kids that come from the skate world – it is so different and so awesome. I can just let it all be. I don’t even wear jewelry no more.”

Hip-Hop POV airs Wednesdays at midnight EST on MTV.


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