Lil’ Wayne launches DEWeezy campaign with SXSW show [Video]

While last year’s SXSW hip-hop sect was championed by the coolest of the new school in acts like Mac Miller, J.Cole and Freddie Gibbs, it seems that those in rap’s elite class have flocked to invade Austin, Texas in 2012. A quick scan of the lineups and names like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, T.I. and Lil Wayne stand tall and bold, with a number of them debuting this calendar year.

Surprisingly, Weezy is one of them. The once-proclaimed “best rapper alive” (that title is now in the air thanks to the unstoppable rise of Rick Ross) made his grand entrance at the festival on Friday night to coincide with the launch of the DEWeezy campaign, his endorsement of the Mountain Dew soft drink.

Draped in his newly-founded streetwear/skatewear brand Trukfit (a quick plug never hurt anybody), Dwayne Carter hit the stage with an abundance of energy, dropping his skateboard and slapping palms with the live band before getting into his set.

Catch it all below.

[Source: Miss Info]

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