Lil Wayne Handwrites A Letter From Jail To Billboard

Still incarcerated until this Thursday, Lil Wayne penned a handwritten letter to, answering questions set by The Juice team. He spoke about Drake and Nicki‘s mega success while he’s been away:

Drake and Nicki Minaj are both born stars! I am just blessed to have them on the team. It’s Drake’s drive to be great and Nick’s motivation to be different and creative. I am not shocked at all about their immediate success.

He also spoke about missing his children, listening to Eric Benet and other slow jams in jail, and support from friends and peers in the industry. Weezy writes that he was most impressed by a visit from Diddy.

Which artists/friends have been the most supportive while you’ve been incarcerated? Have there been a lot of visits? Which have been the most surprising/unexpected?

All artists and friends were very supportive. Thank God I’ve gotten two visits a week since the day I walked in. I’d have to say the visit from Diddy was most surprising because there’s a lot that you’re required to go through and to think he did just to see me is more than cool. But again, everybody has been more than supportive. I never felt alone.

While the pint-sized rapper wasn’t forthcoming about everything; he wouldn’t answer a question posed about T.I and the jail system, and some of his answers were somewhat vague, the letters do provide insight into Weezy behind bars.

Check out the letters below

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