Lil Wayne Gives The Gift of Freedom To Lucky Fan’s Mother (Video)

This has to be the most touching thing I’ve seen in a while.
In the season of giving, Lil Wayne and his Charity One Family Foundation have come to the aid of one of his fans Ronda Austin‘s mother by buying her a brand new and much needed wheelchair.

When you hear the Southwest Airlines tagline “You’re now free to move about the country” the one time that you could really appreciate it, is if you were to loose that freedom.

Stricken with failed knees, and an ill-fitted wheelchair that set her up for a horrible fall from a church ramp, Evelyn Austin, had become a prisoner in her Williamstown, Nj home, confined to her bed for almost 2 years.

I came to know about Evelyn through a series of letters that her Daughter Ronda Austin had written me while I was incarcerated.

This is their story. God Bless Austin Family
Lil Wayne