Lil’ Wayne f/ Big Sean – ‘My Homies Still’ | BTS Video

If you watched the video for Lil’ Wayne and Big Sean‘s video for “My Homies Still” earlier today and thought, “That shit is weird. Pink elephants on the lawn? I wonder what type of hallucinogens them boys were on behind the scenes,” you’re about to get your answer. YMCMB’s in-house filmmaker Derick G gives us a peek at the BTS action from the making of this totally off-the-wall video.

Behind the scenes of this one is pretty typical for Wayne. He does some skating, then drops in to shoot his scene, then does some more skating. That’s his new drug.

Oh, and to answer the question posed earlier, it doesn’t seem like the homies were on anything; they were just daring to be different. Nothin’ wrong with that, I guess.

Check out the BTS video below.