Lil Kim spits her classic “It’s All About The Benjamins” verse over “Otis” in Australia [Video]

During her performance on Australia’s Winter Beatz Festival Tour, which is currently being headlined by 50 Cent, former Junior Mafia member Lil Kim rocked the mic in front of a 4,500 capacity crowd, spittin’ some of her timeless verse from the classic Puff Daddy & The Family cut, “It’s All About The Benjamins“.

Not only did the Queen Bee ride the beat like it was 1997 again but she also went jackin’ for beats when her DJ switched things up by playing Hov and Yeezy‘s “Otis” instrumental half way through the performance. To be honest… I wasn’t expecting to be impressed but she killed it.

#LilKimBack? I kid.

[via RapRadar]