Lil Kim removed from Monica’s new single over clearance issues with Biggie’s Estate | Music News

We recently brought you Monica’s new single entitled “Anything (To Find You)”, featuring Rick Ross and Lil Kim, but when it debuted on the Billboard charts R&B/Hip-Hop songs at number 71 it didn’t include the expected verses from Lil Kim.

Before this, in an interview with The Lil’ Kim Fan Club Show, the Queen Bee said that her verse was shortened to make room for Rick Ross but her full rap would appear on Monica’s upcoming album, New Life, due in October, however according to a source at J Records Lil’ Kim has been removed entirely from the official song due to contractual issues.

Monica recently expressed her disappointment via Twitter, vowing to get Kim back on the track. “I am just finding out what has happened to my single and myself & Missy are beyond hurt that @LilKim was removed,” the singer stated.

“She’s our friend, a legend & @LilKim will get the respect she deserves at all cost. The clearance was revoked & I’m fighting to get it reinstated by the Biggie Estate.”

Monica later explains that Biggie’s mum Volleta Wallace did not clear the “Who Shot Ya?” sample with Kim; “We respect all parties involved & were gonna do WHATEVER to keep the song as is because @lilKim the bizness on the record,” she tweeted. “I am as thorough as they come and I LOVE @LilKim bottom line is Ms Wallace has the final say and she said No. If we put it out we get SUED.”

Missy co signed the love for Kim, tweeting: “u are my sister!! I know all u been thru! U been there 4 me and I to will be there 4 u! We will make another EPIC HIt! Know dat!”

Kim ended the subject showing there’s no hard feelings, adding: “I want y’all to know @missyelliott & @monicabrown have been going HARD As A MOTHAFUCKA 4 this situation. I love them so much!!! My babies!”

It’s a shame really, and in the words of Lauryn Hill, “it could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard”