Lil’ Jon – “Work” | New Music


Remember when Lil’ Jon used to be the King of Crunk? Well apparently that era is over. Now a growing name in the world of dance music – he headlined the biggest club in the world Privilege last year in the dance capital of the world, Ibiza – Jon has dropped an array of dance cuts over the past few years with him roaring all over them. Sound familiar?

The next uptempo beat-crazy cut to come from the once pimp cup wielding screamer is the highly repetitive “Work.” Now a part of the ever-growing Zumba movement, Lil’ Jon’s inspiration for the cut seems to have come from his new venture as DJ for the fitness brand on an upcoming US tour with celebrity instructor Gina Grant. Not really anything innovative by a way of musical progression, the track does however get those regular gym goers and Zumba dance fanatics pumped up and ready to go.

Listen to the track below.