Lil’ Boosie f/ 2Pac – “Don’t Know My Style” | New Music

Lil’ Boosie may have been acquitted of first-degree murder back in May, but the once-popular New Orleans rapper is still serving time in the pen on drug charges, so it’s no surprise that we hear little music from the man these days. However, a previously-unheard cut has surfaced from the Boosie vault this weekend, which rather randomly has some 2Pac vocals tacked to it.

The sound quality isn’t the best, but you can stream and download “Don’t Know My Style” below. Those wanting a new Boosie album will have to wait some years, but his most current LP, 2010’s Incarcerated, is out now.

Listen: Lil’ Boosie f/ 2Pac – “Don’t Know My Style”


[via HHNM]