Leona Lewis set to release new EP this year, Glassheart album pushed back to 2012

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Leona Lewis like animals. Leona might even like animals more than I like Leona, which is quite a lot. At an fundraising event for The Animals (these guys, not these guys), Leona revealed that her highly anticipated album Glassheart would be released in 2012, and that she had an EP due to come out “later on this year”. Presumably her label decided to regroup after the lackluster reception to lead single “Collide”, but at least we’ll be getting super exciting new Leona Lewis music this year. Hopefully they let one of the Emeli Sande written Naughty Boy tracks loose, because that’s what I’m dying to hear.

Incidentally, the cause Leona is supporting is an attempt to raise enough money to save the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary just outside of London. They’re looking for £1m to purchase the land that they’re on and thus secure their future forever. I’m frequently flippant about it but honestly, it’s refreshing to see a popstar so steadfastly committed to something they believe in they way Leona has been about animal rights issues throughout her career. Far less cloying than celebrities spending a summer on crutches and declaring kinship with the disabled.