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Dear Simon Cowell,

I know you’re a busy man, so I’ll try and keep this brief: it’s time you let me look after Leona Lewis‘ career. This really isn’t working and you’re hurting us all with this “Collide” nonsense. Leona’s been at a crossroads for the last couple of years, and the sensible thing to do would’ve have been to bring her back to the UK and put her in the studio with (your boy!) Labrinth for a lead single. It’s great that you’ve realised Ryan Tedder isn’t the only songwriter in the world and I’m glad you hollered at Emeli Sande for the album, because she’s amazing.

Truthfully, you’ve already lost that Radio 2 play with this bandwagon dance crap, so why not just go all the way and get some of that Channel AKA money?! Seriously though, an upbeat, credible Labrinth-produced lead single with a guest verse from a chart-friendly UK rapper of your choosing (I’d have gone with Wretch or Tinie whilst secretly wanting to go with Dot Rotten) in the video and on the remix – that would’ve been the power move. Frank Ocean should’ve gotten a call for the album – he’s good enough for Beyonce and Jay-Z after all. I’m waiting for somebody to holler at The Weeknd for some writing, but I can see why his “I take drugs and lament on my life being vacuous” leanings might be too much, too soon for pop’s “good girl”.  She’s from Hackney though, she’s hard.

Anyway, I think you get the picture. The short of it is that somebody dropped the ball with this. It’ll probably do well over here (because Radio 1 still likes her and because some people are stupid), but you really had the opportunity to make her fresh and relevant. You might think it’s dangerous to have her swinging with the Jessie J‘s, Katy B’s and Adele‘s of this brave new world. I think you’re underestimating our girl. Lest we forget, she’s a beautiful woman with a world-class voice,  and anything she might lack in… vivaciousness… could easily be compensated for with some great songs and climbing into a limo with her knickers showing. Thanks for your time Uncle Si. As mentioned, I’m happy to step in at any point and steer this ship, Louis has my number if you need to reach me.

Kind Regards


P.S Listen to Leona Lewis’s new single “Collide” below.

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