Lenny Kravitz to release Black and White America LP this summer

Veteran American Rock singer/songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Lenny Kravitz recently announced that his ninth studio album – the long-awaited Black and White America – will be released this Summer (2011).

The forthcoming 12-song album, which was originally titled Negrophilia, is said to have been recorded during sessions before the release of Kravitz’s 2004 Baptism LP and later between 2009 and 2010 at his Gregory Town Sound studio in the Bahamas.

Kravitz describes Black and White America to Billboard as “very up — probably the most up album I’ve done. It’s really well-rounded as far as where my influences come from, why I love music and what I grew up listening to.

“This one really runs the spectrum from rock to funk to pop to R&B to jazz to blues…it’s really raw.”

‘Come On Get It’ has also be announced to be the album’s lead single and will be released on February 20.