Lenny Kravitz responds to Michael Jackson leak “Another Day” (Video)

lenny_kravitzResponding to the unheard Michael Jackson song that leaked on Monday [“Another Day”], Lenny Kravitz has recorded the following video ‘setting the record straight’.

“As you know and have heard, part of the song leaked — not by me, because mine has been locked up in a vault since we recorded it,” he states in the video.

“The version that’s out is a minute and 30 seconds, roughly, of the track — not mixed, but it is the track. The DJ who’s speaking over the track.. I don’t know who that person is, I don’t know how they obtained it, I don’t know what their purpose is, but that person has nothing to do with the track.”

“The song was recorded by Michael and myself, I produced it for him, I wrote the song and I played all the instruments on the track. It was one of the most amazing musical experiences that I’ve ever had. It was done by two people who had respect for each other and who love music — that was it. I’d like to see this thing get straightened out as soon as possible because I’d like for you the fans, the people who love Michael, to be able to hear the track in its entirety the way it was meant to be; the way Michael and I had intended it to be.”

On that note, TMZ report that Sony and MJ’s estate lawyers are working to get the unfinished song pulled from the Internet.

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