Lauryn Hill explains why she performs her classics so differently now [Video]

“There’s been such a long period of time where I haven’t been able to communicate where my mind is, where my consciousness is, where my ideas are,” Lauryn Hill told MTV News last weekend, following her performance at Rock The Bells in New York.

In the video below, Ms Hill talks about her pleasure to be on the festival’s line up and describes the high she gets from expressing herself onstage. Many who have seen Lauryn perform live in recent years have been disappointed to hear her Fugees and Miseducation classics chaotically reworked to almost unrecognisable form.

She explains the changes: “I have to upgrade them a bit so that they’re still exciting and fresh and they’re new. There’s something almost jazz-like the way I approach performances. I’m not sure if the audience really understands. We need, or at least I need, a certain amount of spontaneity, a certain amount of improvisation every show.

“I might have gotten spoiled from the Fugee days. We used to improvise a lot. It kept it so fresh and exciting. I need that. I need that improvisational, almost jazz-like improvisational dynamic when I’m onstage. It keeps it so exciting.

“It’s that unknown, that literal X factor that makes every show something different — something unique and something I want to continue to do.”

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