REVIEW: Deviation 2nd Birthday featuring Dam Funk (Oct 7)

Imagine you’re 1xtra DJ Benji B and you’re celebrating the second year of your eminent monthly night in Shoreditch, London, what do you do? You invite the same innovative monster of a beat maker you had over for the party last time (in this case Dam Funk) and you sit quite comfortably at your DJ booth to watch the results.


Well the results were as follows: people, lots of people… In fact there were so many people at Deviation last night, that bright pink space designation squares should have been handed out at the door, so that when you finally found a place to stand on the already over crowded dance floor, others could be made aware of you’re position on the ground and didn’t end up standing on your face.

Anyway enough about overcrowding, on a more positive note LA based producer/DJ Dam Funk quite literally tore the roof off with a surfeit of ’80s Disco classics and Detroit techno, both of which were accompanied by a live voice synthesiser. And when Funk’s underground hit “Burn Rubber” finally dropped, the bass was so throbbing, the red lights were so intense, the lack of air so evident that it felt how one might imagine being on the Star-ship Enterprise as it goes into warp speed.

But anyway – enough about Star Trek, on an even more positive note there were not one but two floors of music at Gramophone and if the dance floor was really the Star-ship Enterprise the bar upstairs was definitely the escape hatch. The air was fuller, the tunes were fresher and people were actually dancing as opposed to rioting for space.

So thanks to DJs Moxie, Mr Wonderful, Santi-San, FunkinEven and Alex Nut for not giving up on a temperamental sound system and saving my night with a revitalising mash up of Old School Hip Hop, Future Soul and commercial R&B, which for some reason seemed to work. Oh and thanks to Dam Funk for beaming me up

David M*

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