Lana Del Rey f/ Jay-Z – “Diet Mountain Dew” (Urban Noize Remix) | New Music

The Floridian production duo Urban Noize don’t hide their affection for Lana Del Rey, today taking her luscious vocals once more and throwing them into the melting pot with Jay-Z‘s lyrics from Mya‘s “Best Of Me” for their remix of the songstress’ Born To Die track, “Diet Mountain Dew”.

Not only displaying a good ear for a collaboration, but the beatsmith brothers inject a sequence of piano melodies, vocal samples and scratches into the unhurried rhythm of the original making for a much more uptempo number.

As they proved on their celebrated 2011 release, Brooklyn. Chicago. London. (a full-length Jay-Z, Kanye West and Adele remix project), Urban Noize have a knack for digging up dope verses from the depths of the crate and flipping them into winners. Stream the new goodness below and hit @UrbanNoize with a follow to stay on top of all the future releases. You can bet there’ll be plenty.

Listen: Lana Del Rey f/ Jay-Z – “Diet Mountain Dew” (Urban Noize Remix) | DOWNLOAD