Stalley – “Born To Win” (Prod. by J. Rawls) | Free Download

Wow, OK, this one eluded my inbox somehow, but I’m loving it. Notorious sports brand Nike has taken a look a typical day in the life of the NBA team LA Lakers’ star Lamar Odom. The Queens, New York raised athlete takes a trip down memory lane and then brings us back up to speed on his journey to Los Angeles, looking at the spots he used to hang in whilst he was a young’un. Stalley, who was almost a professional basketball player himself had he not gone the music route, provides the rather lush soundtrack to the story with his track “Born To Win” produced by J. Rawls.

I’m seriously loving this track, and if you are too you can get the free mp3 download here. You can also find out more about the “Always On” series, including a past collaboration between New York Jets superstar cornerback of the NFL, Darrelle Revis and SoulCulture favourite Jesse Boykins III, at